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Regents Information

Students do not need special permission to drive to school on Regents testing days. Students only need to attend school during Regents testing days if they have tests.  No attendance is taken and students are free to come and go from school as needed for testing.

The soonest students can be released from test sites is 10:00am for morning exams, and 2:00pm for afternoon exams.  We cannot page or contact students, so please make all transportation arrangements in advance. Students will be allowed to make phone calls for rides at test completion.

During Regents testing days, (Regular school year only) morning buses will run on a regular schedule for pick-up. We will have a mid-day bus available to take students home after the morning exams. (The bus will depart the senior high at 11:45am).  The middle school will dismiss at 2:45pm and regular dismissal buses are available at that time to take senior high students home who would be testing in the afternoon.  Please note that students will only have transportation TO school in the morning.  Study halls are available in the morning for students who have afternoon exams.  For August Regents exams, students must provide their own transportation to and from the high school.

Nothing but light jackets or sweatshirts and appropriate testing materials (pencils, pens, calculators, etc.) are allowed into test sites. No backpacks, purses, bags, heavy jackets, food, drinks or electronic devices of any kind (including cell phones) are permitted into test sites. Any prohibited items will be kept in the main office until test completion and student is exiting the building.

Light jackets and sweatshirts will be allowed. The air conditioning used in some test sites, can make the test site feel chilly while testing.