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Calendar of Events

7/25/17-8/11/17 Summer School

8/16/17 CC Algebra I, English, Chemistry, Global, & CC Algebra II Regents Exams

8/17/17 US History, Earth Science, Geometry, and Living Environment Regents Exams


8/31/17 Freshmen Orientation 5-7pm

9/6/17 First Day of School

9/9/17 ACT (registration deadline is August 4th www.act.org)

9/20/17 Senior Parent Night @ 6:30pm

9/26/17 SUNY Roadshow (in school assembly for juniors and seniors)

10/2/17 Junior Parent Night @ 6:30pm

10/4/17 College Night at SUNY Plattsburgh 6:30-8:30pm

10/7/17 SAT (registration deadline is September 8th www.collegeboard.org)

10/11/17 PSAT (in school)

10/25/17 PreACT (in school)

10/28/17 ACT (registration deadline is September 22nd www.act.org)

11/4/17 SAT Test(registration deadline 10/5/17-find more info at www.collegeboard.org)

12/2/17 SAT Test(registration deadline 11/2/17-find more info at www.collegeboard.org)

12/9/17 ACT Test(registration deadline 11/3/17- find more info at www.act.org)