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The Science courses at Saranac High School offer each student the opportunity to investigate several areas of Science through the presentation and investigation of fundamental principles that govern the living and physical components of our World.

Environmental Science             Length of Course: 40 weeks
Prerequisite: None                                                 Credits: 1
An interdisciplinary introduction to environmental studies.  Topics will vary but may include such subjects as endangered speciies, air/water pollution, environmental issues on a local and global scale, and others.

Physical Setting- Earth Science           Length of Course: 40 weeks
Prerequisite: None                                                            Credits: 1
Physical Setting-Earth Science is the study of our physical environment which introduces students to the fields of Geology, Meteorology, Astronomy, and Oceanography. Some of the specific areas of study will be weather and climate, history of the Earth and plate tectonics. All the Key Ideas in the New York State Earth Science Core Curriculum will be presented. Laboratory activities related to these Key Ideas are included and the New York State Regents Exam in the Physical Setting-Earth Science will conclude the course.

The Living Environment          Length of Course: 40 weeks
Prerequisite: None                                               Credits: 1
The Living Environment is an introductory course that explores the fundamental processes of living things. Students will be introduced to biological themes and concepts that make up the living world. Topics such as Cell Theory, Genetics, Reproduction and Development, Evolution, Ecology and Human Impact on the Environment will be investigated. Laboratory activities related to all areas of the curriculum will be presented. The New York State Living Environment Regents Exam will conclude the course.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry          Length of Course: 40 weeks
Prerequisite: None                                                               Credits: 1
The goal of Integrated Physics and Chemistry is to provide a basic foundation of science concepts specifically applied to Chemistry and Physics. The course will address topics from both disciplines, especially those that overlap the two subjects. There is not a required laboratory component; however laboratory activities will be presented. This course is designed for those students who have had academic difficulty passing Physical Setting-Earth Science and The Living Environment.

Physical Setting-Chemistry          Length of Course: 40 weeks
Prerequisite: None                                                    Credits: 1
Physical Setting-Chemistry is the study of matter and how matter behaves. Areas of study include: the atom concept, the periodic table, stoichiometry, bonding, and physical behavior of matter, kinetics, organic chemistry, reduction-oxidation, acid-base, and nuclear chemistry. Students will meet everyday for lecture and every other day for Lab Tech. Lab Tech consists of traditional laboratory experimentation and the use of computers and technology to facilitate the understanding of Chemistry.

CAP Regents Chemistry (College Advanced Placement)          Length of Course:  40 weeks
Prerequisite:  Clinton Community College placement exam         Credits: 1
This is the first semester course is a two-semester sequence which presents the basic laws and concepts of general quantitative chemistry.  In addition to the ten units of Regents Chemistry, CAP studetns are required to gain a more detailed and technical understanding of chemistry.  furthermore, students will be required to document their 1200 minutes of lab in a detailed lab journal, are expected to read/comprehend college text readings, and the students will take both the Regents and CAP exam.  Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive 4 college credits through Clinton Community College.  There is a reduced tuition fee for this course.

Physical Setting/Physics Regents           Length of Course: 40 weeks
Prerequisite: Grade Level 11-12                                             Credits: 1
Living in the world without any understanding of physics is like seeing the world without color. In this course students will investigate, and analyze real world physical situations of everyday life and learn how these situations are controlled by the laws of Physics. The course content which is taught according to the learning standards for math, science and technology, include such areas as mechanics, energy, electricity and magnetism, waves and modern physics. Five lecture periods and two lab periods are held each week. In the lab, hands-on investigation and problem solving will support and reinforce the lecture topics of the week. Don’t be satisfied with a black & white world. TAKE PHYSICS !

CAP Regents Physics (College Advanced Placement)           Length of Course:  40 weeks
Prerequisite:  Clinton Community College placement exam                                       Credits: 1
This is a two-semester sequence which covers: mechanics, which includes the study of linear, circular and rotational motion and how Newton's laws, and the concepts of energy and momentum can be applied, thermodynamics including temperature, heat transfer, and changes in state, and analysis of the sinusoidal nature of simple harmonic motion, waves and sound, electricity and magnetism, optics quantum and nuclear physics.  There are three hours of lecture and one two-hour laboratory per week.  All students taking CAP physics will be required to take the physics regents exam.  Students successfully completing this course will earn 8 college credits through Clinton Community College.  There is a reduced tuition fee for this course.

CAP Biology 101/102 (College Advanced Placement)        Length of Course: 40 weeks            Credits: 1
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Regents Chemistry or CAP Chemistry or CAP Chemistry with an overall average of 85 or better and/or a Regents score of 85 or better. (OR, the same in Physics/CAP Physics).  AND,successful completion of Living Environment with a class average of 85 or better and/or Regents exam of 85 or better.  Students must also meet the enrollment criteria for CCC English 101.  There will be a summer assignment.
This is a course offered to high school students after the successful completion of the Living Environment and the Physical Setting-Chemistry courses. CAP Biology is equivalent to a first year college biology course in which students will study biological concepts in greater depth than in The Living Environment. Upon successful completion of this course students will receive 8 college credits through Clinton Community College.  There is a reduced tuition fee for this course.

Forensics             Length of Course: 20 weeks
Grade Level: 11-12                          Credits: ½
Prerequisite:  Two years of Regents science
The purpose of this course is for students to gain experience in the major investigative techniques currently used by forensic scientists, crime scene investigators, and other law enforcement agencies; and to develop an understanding of the scientific concepts which serve as the basis for these techniques.  Students will also familiarize themselves with the case law governing evidence collection, admissibility of scientific evidence in court, search and seizure, as well as relevant portions of the New York State Penal Law.