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 Business Course Descriptions

The faculty of the business department brings a combined wealth of real work experience from the workplace to the classroom, and in addition to the guidance counselors, is available to discuss career options. Students in other academic majors are encouraged to explore business course electives, especially as part of their post high school decision-making process.

CAP Accounting (College Advanced Program)       Length of Course: 40 weeks
Grade Level: 11-12                                                                             Credits: 1
This course is designed to provide the student with a foundation for understanding generally accepted accounting principles that may be applied to subsequent coursework at the college level, as well as real life situations. The course covers the complete cycle of double-entry bookkeeping including the use of computerized simulations in Microsoft Office Excel. Four (4) college credits will be granted in cooperation with Clinton Community College with a reduced tuition fee.

Business and Personal Law      Length of Course: 40 week
Grade Level: 11-12                                              Credits: 1
As an introductory law course, Business and Personal Law focuses on life-cycle legal themes. Stressing the ethical foundation of our legal system, students are introduced to the differences between criminal and civil law, legal contracts, insurance, employment contracts, marriage and divorce, rental property, buying a home, retirement income, social security, and wills. Students will examine the pros and cons of contemporary ethical issues. Students will prepare for and participate in a mock trial.

Business of Music         Length of Course: 20 weeks
Grade Level: 11-12                                   Credits: ½
Prerequisite: Keyboarding
This one-half year course is offered to those students who have an interest in music and want to see how good business skills mixed with the right music equals big money. The course covers topics such as careers in the music industry, past and present trends in the musical industry, legal aspects, economics, marketing and entrepreneurship.

CAP Career Exploration Internship (College Advanced Program)       Length of Course: 20 weeks
Grade Level: 12                                                               Credits: ½
A half-credit course exclusively for qualified seniors; CEIP provides an opportunity for senior students to explore a career of their choice with a local partnership. An excellent course to help students decide direction for a college major or entry into the world of work. Student placements have included athletic training, banking and finance, criminal justice, government, education, environmental science and forestry, nursing, radiology, foreign language, physical and occupational therapy, journalism, building trades, television production, photography, computer technology, business, industrial and mechanical engineering, pharmacy, social services, and veterinary science. Three (3) college credits will be granted in cooperation with Clinton Community College with a reduced tuition fee.

Digital Communications I       Length of Course: 20 weeks
Grade Level: 11-12                                            Credits: ½
Prerequisite: Keyboarding
Communication skills are a key to success. In today's technological age there are numerous ways to communicate; in this class we will explore and learn to use these new technologies. Students will be exposed to skills they are expected to use in the business world.

Introduction to Occupations       Length of Course: 20 weeks
Grade Level: 9-12                                                    Credits: ½
Prerequisite: None
This one-half credit course is a requirement for all occupational education majors. Students are introduced to the realities of the world of work and the management of their own personal and financial resources. Topics covered include banking, credit, income tax, problem solving and career decision-making, letters of application and resumes, human relations, and the connection between business and the economy.

Keyboarding I       Length of Course: 20 weeks
Grade Level: 9-12                              Credits: ½
Prerequisite: None 
This is a beginning course designed to develop the students’ knowledge of correct keyboarding techniques, formatting of documents, speed, control, and accuracy on PC computers using Microsoft Office. The class projects provide students with hands-on experience using realistic business applications, all of which can be applied to their personal lives, school assignments, and world of work.

Yearbook        Length of Course: 40 weeks
Grade Level: 10-12                       Credits: 1
Prerequisite: Keyboarding
Students will produce the annual high school yearbook and experience many of the tasks related to production and marketing. Skills involved: meeting deadlines, developing ads, layout and design, tracking costs via spreadsheets, and desktop publishing.