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Design and Drawing For Production I              Length of Course: 20 weeks
Prerequisite: None                                                                        Credits: ½
Serves as an entry level course that is open to all students. In this course students will learn basic drafting techniques, blueprint reading and shop skills using machines. Some design and build / create projects are part of the course. This course is excellent for anyone looking foreword to a job in any trade, manufacturing field or a must for any engineering field. After students complete this course they will be able to take Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) courses and Architectural Drafting Classes.

Design and Drawing For Production II          Length of Course: 20 weeks
Prerequisite:  Design and Drawing for Production I                          Credits: ½
In this course, students build on their computer drafting techniques and shop skills.  An all inclusive design and build project is the entirety of this course.  CAD drawing is used to design their own project which they will take home.  This course is excellent for anyone looking forward to a job in any trade, manufacturing field or a must for any engineering field.

Design and Drawing For Production III         Length of Course: 20 weeks
Prerequisite:  Design and Drawing for Production I & II                   Credits: ½
This course continues with the techniques and skills developed in DDP I & II.  A manufacturing approach to technology is focused on in this course.  Hand drawing, CAD, teamwork, self-motivation, and much more will be utilized.  This class will develop, design, draw, and manufacture products within a team.  This course is excellent for any student wishing to further their knowledge in the industrial/technical/trades field. 

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)            Length of Course: 20 weeks
Prerequisite: Design for Production I & II                               Credits: ½
Students need to have successfully completed the Design for Production class and have a good math background. We use a powerful program called AutoCAD Desktop. In this course the students will learn the basics of the program and do 2D drawings and make working drawings.
A must for Engineering bound students. 

Light Construction                        Length of Course: 20 weeks
Prerequisite:  None                                                    Credits: ½
This course deals with the basics of frame construction, electrical roofing, plumbing, and using dry wall.  Students learn about a variety of building materials and estimating quantities needed.  The students take part in different modules sampling each aspect of construction.  Scale model houses are constructed.

Materials and Shop                               Length of Course:  40 weeks
Prerequisite:  None                                                              Credits: 1
Using a range of raw materials and machines, students will produce small modular projects.  Students will have the option to choose their own projects out of a long list that is offered.  Everyone will leave this class with a better understanding of the materials, machines, tools and skills needed to work in a garage, basement, shop, or job site.

Energy & Conservation             Length of Course: 20 weeks
Prerequisite: None                                                Credits: ½
Students taking this course will experiment with various energy saving materials.  They will test energy efficiency as well as research numerous life changing energy production techniques.  Students will be a part of growing vegetables within a hydroponics system, creating and using a solar cooker, and more.  Alternative energy is changing in the world, come be a part of it!

Toy Building (Fall Only)          Length of Course:  20 weeks
Prerequisite: None                     Credits: ½

Computer Graphics              Length of Course: 40 weeks
Prerequisite: None                  Credits: 1
Students will have the ability to explore more possibilities within the world of computers.  Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker, and more will be used in this course.  There will be limited use of the workshop in this course.  Projects can include: cartoon animations, making movies, creating professional documents, designing presentations, advertising designs, and more...