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 Special Education

504 Plan
This plan allows for a student’s testing accommodations/classroom modifications to be provided while the student is enrolled in the regular curriculum.


Consultant Teaching
Specially designed individualized or group instruction provided by a certified special education teacher to a student with a disability to aid the student in gaining access from general education classes. Support may be minimal through consultation with the classroom teacher.

Integrated Co-Teaching
This service involves a general education teacher and a special education teacher sharing responsibility for the delivery of primary instruction, planning and evaluation for all students. Students are on or near academic grade level.

Resource Room
Students receive supplemental instruction on class material; work to reach goals set within the IEP in improve academic deficits; are instructed in study skills and strategies to cope with learning disability. Students are enrolled in general education classes.

15:1 Academic Classes
Academic curriculum received in a small group setting; instruction provided by a special education teacher whom specializes in the particular academic class. Students are eligible for RCT exams after attempting Regents exams.

15:1 Life Skills Classes
This service is designed for students with severe academic deficiencies based on individual disabilities. A life skills component is added to program. There is an exposure to all Regents curriculum. Students will be enrolled in the Careers Program at CVES as juniors and seniors