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The Student Handbook is now on-line for you to view at http://www.saranac.org/high-school/shs-policies.  The most significant changes are to the bell schedule (Page 4.  Homeroom has been eliminated), and the Electronic Device Policy (Page 16.  Cell phones must be kept in the student lockers from 8:05-2:47).

Welcome to Saranac High School


Saranac High School has, over the years, gained a reputation for providing students with a safe and supportive atmosphere in which they have the opportunity to thrive, grow,and work toward their academic, career, and social goals.

Our students' success in a number of areas is well-documented and our entire school community continues to work toward further improvements across the spectrum of the school's environment. I'm proud of the students and staff here at Saranac for their daily efforts to improve themselves and the world around them. With parents' continued support of their children and the faculty who guide them, this school will continue to set the standard of excellence for which it's known.

Please contact us if you have questions or comments about our school. We appreciate your input.


Steven Grenville
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Principal - Saranac High School